the legacy

The nostalgia of the past, the glory of the present, the evolution of a legacy, more than half a century of excellence!

  • 1959
    the opening

    Casino du Liban’s evolution as the Middle East’s prestigious home of gaming and entertainment began on 29 July 1957 when it got Lebanon’s exclusive gaming license. At that time Lebanon was booming with tourism, prosperity and economic growth. Unique in Lebanon and throughout the region, Casino du Liban found its home on a rocky hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with no car access and a challenging landscape for construction. Vision, creativity and dedication transformed this site into a lush leisure haven with stunning views. Casino du Liban first opened its doors on 17 December 1959 with a grand event and fireworks lighting up the sky in Maameltein. The next day, media coverage was massive, hailing this new venue as “the biggest of tourist establishments in the Middle East”, “the home to chic entertainment lovers”, and “A glowing Diamond Hill”.

  • 19601975
    The golden era

    Since its inception, the casino attracted nothing but the crème of the crop. Apart from residing Lebanese citizens, it was frequented by Arabs and foreign businessmen alike, especially before 1967-as Lebanon was the gate to the Arab world; whether for business or leisure, the casino was a pit stop to unwind, relax & tantalize the senses. Furthermore, the Lebanese Diaspora was an essential part of the Casino’s clientele, whose love and admiration for the casino made it their preferred destination passionately dedicated to its on-going activity of breath-taking events and spectacles. It rapidly became such a prestigious destination that the Miss Europe competition was held here for six years in a row (from 1960 to 1965), marking the first time a country outside Europe hosts the event. In the 1960s and 1970s, Casino du Liban played a remarkable developmental, economic and political role as international jet setters, VIPs, leaders and celebrities frequented it. The late King Hussein of Jordan, the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Prince Albert of... Read more

  • 19751989
    The war crisis

    Once the Civil War broke out in 1975, things changed drastically. The Casino had to close its doors several times during the long years of conflict. Visitors from all over the world had disappeared and it was loyal Lebanese clients who kept the Casino alive in the moments of relative calm amidst the unrest. The Casino sustained its activity intermittently until it was seriously damaged in 1989 when it completely ceased operations.

  • 1996
    The re-opening

    A new chapter in Casino du Liban’s rich history began on 4 December 1996, when a grand opening took place in the presence of the President of Republic Elias Hraoui and more than 1,000 VIPs, marking the beginning of a new era. The bet was won: late bloomers were able to enjoy themselves again as Crystal champagne was flawing unstoppably, delicately served on silver platters by staff beautifully garnished in white gloves. Red carpet, tux & gowns, roses, caviar and martinis, were all promptly for the rendezvous of the casino’s re-inauguration by Lebanese president Elias el Hraoui, on December 4th, 1996.

  • 1997 2023

    Today, Casino Du Liban regained its rightful place as a landmark tourist destination in the Region. It has deployed intensive efforts in boosting tourism and promoting a positive image of Lebanon’s leading institutions. Casino du Liban is constantly pulsating with traditional and international cultural activities, entertainment programs, culinary events, beauty pageants, poker tournaments and much more… It has become the preferred destination of gamblers, theatre lovers, art admirers, music aficionados and epicureans. This is the story of a fairy tale called Casino du Liban that started in 1959 and goes on till date, bringing together the magic and authenticity of the East and the culture of the West, in a mythical combination of magnificence and beauty, attracting thousands of tourists from the extreme far reaches of the Earth.

the management

Mr. Roland EL KHOURY Chairman General Manager

members of the board

Mr. Rony ABDUL HAII Member of the Board
Mr. Ghassan CHAKAROUN Member of the Board
Miss. Carine ELIA Member of the Board
Mr. Charles GHOSTINE Member of the Board
Mr. Majid JOUMBLAT Member of the Board
Dr. Pierrot KHOUEIRY Member of the Board
Mr. Ramy MAJZOUB Member of the Board
Mr. Walid NAKIB Member of the Board
Mr. Hicham NASSER Member of the Board
Me. Murielle GEMAYEL Secretary of the Board
Me. Murielle GEMAYEL Lawyer - Secretary of the Board

social responsibility

Enriching lives
Creating meaningful experiences!

Casino du Liban is bound to bettering the community and ameliorating the society all around through actively supporting many NGOs and charities. From offering substantial discounts to providing financial aid, noteworthy sponsorships and key logistical support, the causes we assist are diverse. We believe in the importance of impacting all facets of society and the environment. Our venues frequently come to life with fundraising events that raise public awareness and help NGOs achieve their goals. We also finance initiatives meant to fuel tourism while working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and major travel and tourism operators to encourage people to discover all that Lebanon has to offer which in turn plays a role in generating income for countless families. Through business ethics and social activities, we are committed to reinvest in the welfare of the community because we believe that creating stronger connections between human beings and most certainly enhancing relationships amongst our own employees, is a highly relevant issue. Our daily endeavor is dedicated to implementing the old saying by Henry Ford: “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”.


On the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s 2017, Casino Du Liban held its first and exquisite Christmas village at its premises and invited children of several charities such as SESOBEL, SOS, “Bonheur Du Ciel”, the children of the Lebanese army Martyrs and “Bassma foundation” to enjoy themselves and spend a merry evening. The children indeed relished the food of “Souk el Akel” and savored the joyful holiday ambiance spread throughout the village.


More than 20 years ago, the United Nations decided to establish the Day of Peace in the world. In 2001, RS/55/282 resolution called upon all UN member countries to devote a day to strengthen the ideals of peace within nations and peoples, and their relations.
This event now celebrated in almost every country in the world is an occasion that allows all of the peace movement, but also to all citizens, to come together around on a specific date in order to work on more effective action towards a world free of wars, inequalities and injustices.
Bee Events & PR chaired by Mr. Nabil J. Tabet has had the initiative to affiliate Lebanon in this international event and has undertaken to this end contacts with Casino du Liban.
Casino du Liban, responded favorably to the project by sponsoring “DINNER FOR PEACE” on October 14, 2011 and through committing to sponsor and promote it for years to come in order to institutionalize this event.
The Casino du Liban, as a responsible company and sponsor of "The Day of Peace in Lebanon" event tends to be a vehicle for public awareness on the concept of a culture of peace and values that are essential such as equality, respect, tolerance, justice and solidarity, values all Lebanese seek ambitiously.


Casino du Liban launched in Summer 2009 a world class event named Lebanese Poker Championship which has enticed local and international players alike. The valued participation of Poker Star WSOP 2005 winner Joe Hachem and the $1,000,000 guaranteed pool prize has placed the event as the prominent poker competition in line with high stake international tournaments.
As part of Casino du Liban’s efforts to the community, a charity poker event was held on June 21st, 2009, to support the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon. The event was a great success with 29 participants, total funds collected US$75,000, US$25,000 of which is a donation from Joe Hachem.